Ngari Hill actively promotes conservation and reforestation in the area where we operate and beyond. Erosion, a major threat to the ecosystem at Ngari and Maralal, is being turned around slowly by planting thousands of trees in the area through our efforts and by working with youths and communities on creating awareness. At our guesthouse guests can participate in a local carbon offset scheme that aims at neutralizing carbon emissions that come with road and air travel.

The above is part of our eco concept. Other factors of this concept focus on the involvement of local employees in our organisation and the training and optimization of their skills. In our buildings we utilize largely local materials. Our compound is fully powered by solar energy. (providing 240 volt outlets through inverters)


Ngari Hill is a not-for-profit organisation. Our income is fully utilised to cover for running expenses and reinvestment into the guesthouse and its people. Income is also utilised to contribute significantly towards community projects including the schooling of teenage children from less- privileged households.