How to get there:

By road.
The most direct route from Nairobi is through Nyaruhuru and Rumuruti. The route is approx 350 km and takes up to 5 – 6 hrs. depending on the condition of the road. The road between Rumuriti and Maralal is currently being tarmacked.

Another popular route is through Nanyuki – Isiolo – Wamba (approx 480km). This route allows you to visit Mount Kenya and the Samburu Park on the way. The route is especially scenic.

A third route is through Lake Baringo (440km).

By Air.
Aircharters can be arranged to Maralal and Ngari Hill nearest airstrip at Kisima (20km distance). Ngari Hill offers charters to Kisima Airstrip through Simpson Safaris at very reasonable rates (Max 3 PAX/flight). Pick up’s can be arranged from Jomo Kenyata, Nairobi Wilson or any airstrip within Kenya. Please use the contactform for a quotation.

Directions to our premises: Arriving from Rumuruti/Kisima you arrive in Maralal town. After hitting the tarmac take a right and follow the signs ‘Ngari Hill’written on natural stone signs.


Directions to our premises: Arriving from Rumuruti/Kisima:

  1. When approaching Maralal take a right at a first roundabout just after the police HQ
  2. Follow the road into town and go straight at second roundabout
  3. Then take a right turn at the third roundabout
  4. At the next roundabout go straight (this road takes you out of town towards Kirisia Forest)
  5. Go past the technical school and a large ‘metal type’ grain store of the NCBP (from this point the road may become very slippery during rainy conditions)
  6. At your right hand side you see ‘Ngari Hill’ with our thatched buildings on top of the hill
  7. Take a right turn (after some houses along the road) and start climbing the hill, driving slowly
  8. Once on top of the hill, take a turn to the right until you have reached the guesthouse / campsite

GPS Coordinates leading to Ngari Hill

01  05  46.5036  43  01.49
01  05  46.0936  43  12.88
01  05  29.24 36  43  23.01
01  05  10.3936  43  25.00
01  05  17.9736  43  15.50
01  05  23.0736  43  10.78