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Experience African hospitality in an unique way

The main purpose of our lodge is to provide a restful and comfortable stay to our guests –a fitting accommodation in one of our rooms and a nice dining experience in a secure and conducive environment. However there are other complimentary areas and values that form part of our vision and efforts…

2200 studentsHave attained their high school diploma through our Samburu Child foundation
What do we offer at

Ngari Hill Ecolodge

Free WiFi access

Free WiFi access

Off the beaten track but with all the perks of city-life. We offer free WiFi access to our guests


We accept major creditcards, or -payment through M-Pesa and cash for you convenience

Bird watching

Ngari Hill is a bird sanctuary. Grab a chair and your camera and explore the unique species
Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Luxurious swimming pool with cozy seating spaces and verandas. Free of charge for guest staying overnight


We serve a full breakfast to our guests taking into account their special wishes


The cafe-restaurant at Ngari Hill offers an a-la-carte menu with international orientation. In addition there are ‘Chefs Specials’ that rotate weekly


We can provide local guides that will show you the hidden gems within Samburu
Our eco concept

Conservation & Community

Ngari Hill actively promotes conservation and reforestation in the area where we operate and beyond. Erosion, a major threat to the ecosystem at Ngari and Maralal, is being turned around slowly by planting thousands of trees in the area through our efforts and by working with youths and communities on creating awareness. At our guesthouse guests can participate in a local carbon offset scheme that aims at neutralizing carbon emissions that come with road and air travel.

The above is part of our eco concept. Other factors of this concept focus on the involvement of local employees in our organisation and the training and optimization of their skills. In our buildings we utilize largely local materials. Our compound is fully powered by solar energy. (providing 240 volt outlets through inverters)


How to reach us

Ngari Hill is located near Maralal Town. The fasted route from Nairobi is through Nyahururu and Rumuruti. The road between Rumuruti and Maralal has been upgraded to a tarmac road.

When reaching Maralal town you will find signboards leading to our location. Furthermore you can view the below link providing the direction  to our lodge.

Google Maps route to Ngari Hill

When approaching Maralal:

  1. navigate to ‘NCPB Maralal’ with google maps
  2. When reaching ‘NCPB’ (a large metal storage building) continue straight along the same road
  3. Pass the bridge and continue
  4. Take the road to the right at the junction with our Ngari hill ecolodge sign
  5. Start climbing the hill
  6. On top of the hill take a sharp right and continue following the signs until reaching the gate of the lodge

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