Ngari Hill EcoLodge has taken the initiative to put together unique tours in the East and North-central part of Kenya. The routes taken start at various locations in Kenya, eventually reaching Maralal, capital of Samburu County, home to the Samburu Tribe, a colorful Nilotic group in Central – Northern Kenya. Within KENYA there is an enormous variety of landscapes and there are many ethnic groups, each with their own cultural characteristics and identity. Ecologically speaking, there is great diversity, with the green central part and the desert-like north as striking examples. The beautiful coastline and the wide variety of wildlife parks in the country attract many thousands of tourists every year. With our proposed itineraries we opt for the more rustic side of Kenya, the beautiful places that are less frequently visited. Smaller intimate lodges in or near game parks where you may feel entirely on your own. You will see lots of things along the way as you will travel along scenic routes. You can visit as many as three different wildlife reserves, if desired. But ultimately the different routes lead to one and the same highlight, the north-central Samburu County, home to the most colorful ethnic group in Kenya: The Samburu tribe. 

The way we work in putting together your journey is through a step-by-step approach. Initially you contact us through email whereby you indicate your main wishes and desires. We can then suggest routes, duration, itineraries, lodging, transport, costing etc. Our travel routes are ultimately suitable for different age groups and budgets, including the young and the elderly. Groups can vary between 1 to 6 travelers. Eventually each of our travels are unique and different from each other.  We can forward to you one or two travel examples.

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Grand Samburu Tribal Trek

Tribal Trek heading (Large)

We offer our new hiking route: the Grand Samburu Tribal Trek. Within this multi-day route you will track along traditional Samburu paths and settings, together with a local Samburu guide. Its a multiple day trek where you sleep at Ngari Hill Ecolodge and on our sister Ranch in Poro.

This Samburu Tribal Trek includes a hike into Kirisia Forest, where wild elephants still roam freely. In Kirisia Forest you will visit the Singing Wells and meet Samburu herders with their lifestock. After this hike you will come back to Ngari Hill Ecolodge. The next morning you will be guided to hike a beautifull route in Poro and hike to the escarpment of the Rift Valley. In our cozy cottage in Poro you will spent the night and you will have the surrounding nature all to yourself… Read more

We provide various hiking routes upon our ranch in Poro. Trek into the low-lying plain of Suguta Valley and experience the rapid changes in temperature and vegetation. A mouth-watering lunch and cool drinks await you upon your return.

Download an overview of our hikes here.

Hiking in our private conservancy

Poro 2 (Small)

Guided tour to Maralal

Maralal (Medium)

Spend a full or half day visiting the vibrant town of Maralal and surroundings with our local guides. Maralal is often described as a typical frontier town with Samburu, Turkana, and other tribesmen mixing in in one place.  Visit Samburu Manyatta’s and Blacksmith artisans demonstrating their trade and skills. Go for a closer look to the cattle market and support Samburu women by visiting their beads jewelery shops.

A visit to the Malasso Viewpoint is very worthwhile, where you can overlook the outrageous 120km-deep panoramic view over the Rift Valley and serrated Taita Hills. You could hike around the summit. The visit can be combined with a picknick lunch.

Visit the World's End viewpoint

Malasso 2 (Small)

Spectacular hiking in Kirisia Forest

Elephant Kirisia Forest (Small)

Visit the magnificent Kirisia forest with free-roaming elephants and beautifull vegetation. You will be accompanied by a local guide and ranger and will pass by various Samburu pastoralists herding their goats. Kirisia forest is a pristine wilderness at its finest and located nearby our lodge site.

Download an overview of our hikes here.

The Samburu tribe is closely related to the Maasai, and many of the tribal traditions are strikingly alike ánd alive! Samburu or ‘the butterfly people’ wear elaborate clothing (shuka) and colorful bead jewellery.

In the surroundings of our lodge you will find that most Samburu still live a traditional pastoral lifestyle. We offer a cultural trip to give you an insight in this traditional way of life. Visit a neigbouring Manyatta (homested), join the herders and learn about their cattle. If you are lucky you can even get invited to a traditional wedding.

Observe the rich Samburu culture


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