The following activities are suggested to those who would like to get a feel about Maralal and surroundings. All these activities can be organised from Ngari Hill.

Hiking in the company of Camels

Short and longer hikes can be arranged while visiting forests and plains, watering holes, and meeting herders in the scenic landscape surrounding Maralal. Camel walks can be combined with overnight camping in the bush.

Malaso Viewpoint

A visit to the Malaso Viewpoint is very worthwhile. Here you can overlook the desert area of Suguta Valley and hike around the summit. The visit can be combined with a pick-nick lunch.

Suguta Valley

Trek into the low-lying plain of Suguta Valley and experience the rapid changes in temperature and vegetation. A mouth-watering lunch and cool drinks await you upon your return.

Kirisia Forest

Visit this magnificent forest with its abundant wildlife and extraordinary vegetation.

Maralal town

Spend a full day visiting the vibrant town of Maralal and surroundings. Visit Samburu Manyatta’s and blacksmith artisans demonstrating their trade and skills.